7 Reasons Christians Should Twitter

Posted: November 25, 2009 by Mr Albert in inspiratif

The Wacky World of Twitter is still a-buzzing months after people thought it may totally loose it’s steam. With all of the buzz and many new people still jumping on the bandwagon, people are still asking the question “Why Should I Twitter?” The answer to that question depends totally on The Person, The Business and their goals/intentions.

For the “Christians” asking the question “Why Should I Twitter?” The answer is simply “because” and below are the reasons to support the “because” statement.

7 Reasons Christians Should Twitter:

1. Fulfill The Great Commission:
When Jesus said: Go into all the world and preach the Gospel… “All The World” applies to the Internet-World, as well as the Twitter-World. Christians can go into all the world physically and digitally one tweet at a time.

2. Go On A Mission:
Twitter is one of the biggest mission fields around. There are opportunities to connect with many people, who have many needs… You can do for “the least of these” in addition to following and supporting organizations that serve the under-served.

3. Be An Example:
Through your daily life, daily actions, and daily tweets you can be an example of Christ. Tweeps can see Christ through you! Twitter is a lost and broken world that needs positive Tweeps. As I’m typing this, the following tweet just showed up in my @replies via @BeetleBryan: “#followfriday @scottwilliams brings loads of positive energy to your @twitter experience …check him out!” Simply be yourself and keep it positive.”

4. Connect With “The Lost”:
This one is self-explanatory, there are people who are lost and need Jesus… Christians have the opportunity to share Christ. One of my favorite Twitter responses, (although it’s explicit) it’s saved in my favorites. One day several months back I was tweeting thoughts from my Devo. time, I tweeted “Jesus Loves You!” and I got a response from @StarkAmnesia that stated this “Who the F_ _ _! is Jesus? And why does he love me? This created an opportunity or me to share The Good News!

5. Feed and Be Fed:
There is so much information to Learn from the world of Twitter. Whether it be the randomness from peoples lives, devotionals and thoughts from @RickWarren, inspirational quotes from @revrunwisdom… You can also be the one doing the feeding. Remember: You Have Something Valuable To Share!

6. Connect With Like-Minded People-
There is an opportunity to connect with like-minded people from literally around the globe. I have a DM in my inbox right now from a like-minded person that I’ve never met, from Grahamstown, South Africa. Biblical community is initiated and happens in the Wacky World of Twitter!

7. WWJD:
Jesus Would Twitter; the message doesn’t change, but the methods must change!

by: by Steve Tabalujan


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